Marine Bulk Carriers (Pty) Ltd (MBC) is established by Robert Knutzen (ex CEO of the Golden Ocean Group), Jan Rabie (ex Director of Safmarine) and Mark Watson to give South Africa entry into the shipping of cargo to and from the country.

Shortly after inception Lester Peteni (Managing Director Sizwe Shipping Investments) joined Marine Crew Services as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer respectively.

April 2005
The Sanko Steamship Co. Ltd of Tokyo, Japan (Sanko) announces its strategic financial investment in Marine Bulk Carriers South Africa Ltd (MBC), and its sister company, Marine Crew Services South Africa Ltd (MCS). Sanko becomes a 20% shareholder in MBC and this gives MBC access to Sanko's fleet of more than 100 vessels.

July 2005
Marine Bulk Carriers wins an important tender with state-owned PetroSA. Through a ground breaking agreement with Eastern Shipping of India, MBC supplies an anchor handling tug supply vessel for service in PetroSA's Sable Oil Field along South Africa's Southern Cape Coast. The 'Malaviya Twenty One' went into service in July 2005 when she escorted the oil rig, Pride South Seas, from Cape Town to its drilling position along the South African southern coast.

November 2005
MBC and Sanko partnership concluded further charter agreements for two Sanko vessels to Kumba Resources and BP Shipping respectively. Kumba Resources, the South African iron ore exporter, chartered the 150960 dwt Sanko owned Cape 'Sanko Spark' and the 298920 dwt Sanko owned VLCC 'Sanko Unity' went to BP Shipping for 12 months employment.

January 2006
The 'Sanko Spark' loads first MBC cargo in terms of the new agreements in Saldanha Bay in January 2006 and discharged 150000 tons of iron ore successfully in the Chinese port of Yantai in early February. This was followed in May 2006 by the 'Bosporos' with a voyage charter to Sasol Coal for a cargo of 150000 tons from Richards Bay to Redcar in the United Kingdom.

August 2006
Further fixtures by MBC in the spot market include the Cape-size vessel 'Nisshin Trader' and the 'Sanko Oasis' and the Handies 'Sunny Globe' and 'Sanko Jupiter'. MBC is now also responsible for the commercial employment of the Cape vessel 'Sanko Spark', while 'Sanko Unity' continues its employment with BP.

July 2007
MBC concludes its very successful contract to PetroSA to supply the anchor handling supply vessel Malaviya Twenty One to the giant oil rig, 'Pride South Seas', off the Cape Coast. The 'Malaviya Twenty One' is re-assigned to Tullow Oil for work in the Kudu Field off Namibia and then handed back to its owners.

August 2007
MBC expands its interests in the international bulk shipping business by adding three more vessels to those already under its commercial management. Sanko Steamship Company of Japan places another Cape size vessel, the 162 000 ton Cape size vessel 'Sanko Oasis', under full commercial management by MBC. MBC also independently charters the Panamax size vessels, the 'Elinakos', of 73,780 tons for a period of two years, and the 'Golden Kiji' for one year in order to give it more options for extending its business in the bulk shipping market.

November 2007
MBC now has an annual turnover of R400 million. Lester Peteni, Company chairman and major shareholder says 'While the world shipping markets are at an all time peak driven by the commodity boom and imports to China, MBC has been able to establish itself as a mover in the bulk business.

March 2008
Cape Town based BEE shipping company, Marine Bulk Carriers, clinches two new anchor-handling contracts with PetroSA involving two powerful tugs to provide assistance to the oilrig Pride South Seas in the oilfields along South Africa's Southern Coast.

The two tugs, the 12600 horse-power Eems, and the 10880 horse-power Ocean Supporter, started their 500 day contracts with PetroSA March in 2008. The Eems is chartered by MBC from Femco Management (Ltd), a company based on the Russian east coast island of Sachalin, north of Japan, while the Ocean Supporter was deployed in South African waters in a charter arrangement with the Norwegian company Oceanlink.

October 2009
MBC adds Navios Fantastiks to its fleet of chartered vessels. The 180,268 ton Navios Fantastiks was built in Panama in 2005, and most recently loaded iron ore in Saldanha Bay.

January 2010
MBC expands further with the 75,585 ton Ocean Lily, flagged in Panama and built in 2006, joining the growing number of vessels managed by the company. The Ocean Lily's last port of call has been Mississippi, where she was loading grain.

January 2010
The Sanko Galaxy becomes the latest Sanko vessel under MBC management. Built in Liberia in 2005, the 52,980 ton MV Sanko Galaxy recently passed through Panama Canal with a load of soya.

August 2010
MBC clinches a new two-year new tug supply contract with PetroSA to provide assistance to PetroSA's offshore installation, the FA Platform and the oil rig, FPSO ORCA along South Africa's Southern Coast. The vessel, AHTS BOURBON THETYS, owned by the French company Bourbon Offshore, arrives in Mossel Bay in what is the fourth such contract between MBC and PetroSA. For the first time seven South African ratings, provided by MBC's sister company, Marine Crew Services (MCS), joins the vessel. 

August 2012

The Bourbon Thetys comes to the end of its original contract, but is extended on various short term contracts and is still in service to PetroSA in June 2013. There are currently 14 South African serving on the vessel.

September 2012

The relationship of 7 years with Sanko Steamship of Japan comes to an end. The severe downturn in the dry bulk market has led to the commercial management agreement between MBC and Sanko to be terminated.

October 2012

The MBC supplied tug, the Bourbon Ulysse comes on hire to PetroSA in October 2012 to support the Ihkwezi Project of PetroSA for a period of 3 years. There is currently 12 South African serving on the vessel.

January 2013

The “Greatship Anjali” enters service with PetroSA in Mossel Bay as a general off-shore support vessel. Greatship has agreed to support the training of South African cadets on board the vessel. 

March 2013

MBC annouces that in support of the government`s call to invest in the maritime industry, it has responded to the call by placing a R300 million order for a new anchor handling tug and supply vessel purpose-built for South African Conditions. The vessel will be built at Guangxin Shipbuilding near Hong Kong. Delivery is expected to be in mid 2015. The plan is to register the vessel in South Africa, under SA flag and crewed by South Africans.